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SHOUT MAGAZINE’s Interview with Kris:
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According to guitarist/vocalist Kris Lager, “boogie trance is the mindset of openness and living inside the groove. It’s a nice steady breath.” It’s also part of the title of the Kris Lager Band’s new album, Heavy Soul and Boogie Trance. Comprised of keyboardist Jeremiah Weird, drummer John Fairchild, bassist Brandon Miller, and Lager, the Kris Lager Band is preparing for the album release party on February 13 at The Hive. It’s been a long road for the group. The seasoned musicians have mastered their instruments through years of practice and perseverance.
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HearNebraska.org’s review of “Heavy Soul & Boogie Trance”:

JUST ANNOUNCED: I will be playing The Fox Theatre in Boulder, Colorado opening for Dead Floyd on Wed, Feb. 18th. The wonderful The Kory Montgomery Band will be backing me up and jamming with me. It’ll be a great night, indeed… See ya there Boulder Friends!! -Kris Lager

The District in Sioux Falls – (1.30.2015) photo by:Wandering Skunk Photography
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bourbon CD RELEASE

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Thank YOU very much my friends! This Life we lead sure is an interesting and fun adventure, isn’t it? There are so much conflicting and disturbing events being thrown at us daily. Through the news feeds and the tv screens we see and hear about tragedies at every turn. Throw that on top of our own struggles and tribulations and one could get really consumed with the darkness. BUT, Through your love and generosity I am reminded and completely inspired to tend the light.
I strongly believe we must have faith in each other and act with kindness. I’ve learned this through years of surviving off of the kindness of others. Because of you and you’re support I am able to continue doing what I love. Play music for a living! This note is especially dedicated to everyone who has contributed to our GoFundMe! Through your donations we have bought a new van and have continued our Heavy Soul Tour promoting our new record. THANK YOU for inspiring me and providing me with the means to carry on with this crazy dream of playing guitar and singing songs. I am truly grateful and I won’t squander this opportunity you have given me. With Love, Kris

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HEAVY SOUL & BOOGIE TRANCE!! Get your copy now!!

KLB Breaks down in Utah: Heavy Soul tour will roll on…

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KLB’s NEW VIDEO – Let Me Do My Thang

KLB’s ‘What You Got’ (Swagadocious)

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