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Thanks for another great night Sioux Falls, South Dakota!!!

KLB returns Saturday, Sept. 5th!

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‘Groove Slow’ Rehearsal Tapes from Studio Blue Produced by Jeremiah Weir’


NEW KLB on Morning Blend performing ‘Ain’t Got No Worries’


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What a week!! (Notes from Kris on the road)

It has been an amazing week seeing Yellowstone and camping in Grand Teton National Park. What a gorgeous and majestic part of the world. The wildlife and the scenery were amazing!

I was able to Hang out with great people and get to know some friends even better! One of my favorite past times is sitting around a campfire with good folks and with the forty degree nights in the mountains that’s exactly what ya gotta do!

This week was also my daughters 4th birthday! What a blessing it is watching her grow to become a silly, fun, and ‘most of the time’ a happy child. I have to give credit to my wife Gina for being a wonderful mother, and organizing the family/framily/band camping trip complete with meal plans and coffee every morning; Because of her my life is far richer & sweeter! Thanks babe!

My great friends Betti & George helped make it all possible by renting a mini van for the trip. It was super convenient especially when the van broke down on Saturday and the only fuel pump we could find was in the next town an hour away.

Which brings me to Austen, my brother in law. One of the smartest and nicest guys I’ve ever met. He tackled the heavy job of changing our fuel pump with only a little help from us. Changing a fuel pump is not an easy job, but thanks to his skills and fortitude he made it look easy. Just a good days work and we’re back on the road!

Yesterday at Targhee Fest after the fuel pump was fixed we decided to hit the festival and hear some music. As I walked up with my family to catch about thirty seconds of Brandi Carlisle before she finished I started to feel a little bummed at all of the great music that I had missed. Brandi sounded amazing and I just got a little taste, or should I say a tease! Plus I missed Mavis Staples, who I was so pumped and excited to see. The only bit of her set I heard was echoing off of the hood of the van while I was trying to diagnose why it wouldn’t start.

As I continued to feel a little sad thinking about how I missed pretty much all of the music including one of my favorite bands, The Wood Brothers a fella walks by and says is that you? Kris Lager?

This fella says he had the time of his life at our set on Friday. He said he danced his ass off and I quote “was happier than a barrel full of monkeys.” He asked about our van and started to throw hundred dollar bills at me. I told him I couldn’t take it but he kept insisting. He even looked at my wife and said to her “He’s the greatest musician on the planet.” I knew he was crazy, but this confirmed it! ;)

Now, I don’t consider myself the greatest at anything but this man who is throwing money at me and showering me with compliments definitely gave me a much needed boost. I threw my arms around him and hugged him over and over. He ended up giving me $500 when it was all said and done. There are so many kind people in the world. I’m here to testify to that!

Gratitude is definitely something I want to carry with me wherever I go. I have survived off of the kindness of people. It even makes me think of all of our friends who contributed to our GoFundMe last January to buy us our van. That boost has inspired me more than I can express with words. It has only solidified my mission of spreading positive music and good vibes to our audiences!

I even just received a text from another guardian angel, Paul Birnie. Who wrote me this text: “Kris, sorry to be intrusive, but I heard that your Dad is battling cancer. So sorry to hear that and our thoughts are with you and your family. We would like to help. We had our 4th annual team k cancer benefit yesterday and would like to donate the proceeds to your Mom and Dad. Would you have an address for me to send a check to them? Gotta pay things forward and help those that helped us.”

I can’t believe the kindness of the people in my life. Even through the struggles the key to happiness is gratitude!
Because of you all I am forever grateful!

Safe Journeys, Celebrate Life friends,
Kris Lager

The Sound Of The Rain: Here’s a song we recorded while we were out on the West Coast at Transistor Studios… The song is all about not getting down on yourself and filling yourself with doubt… Anytime I feel like I can’t win or times get a little hard I gotta step back and say that’s just the Sound of The Rain. I got to start casting some sunshine and break up those clouds… Much Love, friends!!

New KLB Song- Ain’t Got No Worries
Recorded in the Bay area at Transistor Studios June 8th, 2015


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Sunny Day Souldier LIVE:

Hot Damn LIVE:

In Studio Blue:

sockrider painting
Hey friends,
I thought I’d drop you all a line or two and let ya know about how things are going. It’s been great to be back home and spending time with my family again for sure. I am a blessed man and very grateful to have a loving/ caring wife and beautiful daughter to come home to!

These past few weeks in the mountains have been amazing! The music, the people, the skiing; it was beautiful. I have fell in love with skiing, folks. I am trying my best to have residencies in as many ski towns as possible next winter. I’m looking to spend as much time on the slopes as I can. I had a spiritual moment while I was dancing down the mountain! I’m hooked…

As for the music…. I can not explain how exhilarating it is to play with Tom Murnan on bass. He is a musical brother. His head is in a permanent musical cloud. Constantly beat boxing, and playing as much as he can. He is inspiring. I’m hoping he’ll tour with us in the future time and time again! I’m definitely campaigning for him every chance I can get. I even called on audiences at the shows to convince him to do more tours! I am looking forward to you all having a chance to hear his stellar groove on the low end! With him on bass I consider us a legitimate Jam Band. The music and sounds are just an ever flowing groovy river that we all just jump in and ride together… I’m loving swimming with these guys!!

We also had the pleasure of having Andre Mali on the trumpet this last tour and all I can say is: He has an open invitation any time. He has a wealth of beautiful melodies at his disposal. His ear and improvising skills are top notch and I hope we can do it again soon!

Jeremiah and John are of course killing it like usual. It’s been glorious to watch these two blossom and become such masters of their instruments. We are lucky to still be able to play music together after all these years.

Up next is a couple of our favorite spots: Sly’s in Broken Bow Friday night. Playing for central Nebraska folk is truly like a family reunion. So many great friends in a great place! And Uncle Bo’s in Topeka, Kansas Saturday night. Suki, Jim, and company are always in a great mood and treat us amazingly.

This is a painting by David Sockrider an amazing artist from Nebraska that is currently living in Colorado and receiving a ton of well deserved buzz. He paints live at shows and creates amazing portraits of bands. I love his style and he is a gentleman to boot…

Much love and keep celebrating life through song and dance,
Kris Lager

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KLB’s new song “Rise Up:”

SHOUT MAGAZINE’s Interview with Kris:
shout header klb
According to guitarist/vocalist Kris Lager, “boogie trance is the mindset of openness and living inside the groove. It’s a nice steady breath.” It’s also part of the title of the Kris Lager Band’s new album, Heavy Soul and Boogie Trance. Comprised of keyboardist Jeremiah Weird, drummer John Fairchild, bassist Brandon Miller, and Lager, the Kris Lager Band is preparing for the album release party on February 13 at The Hive. It’s been a long road for the group. The seasoned musicians have mastered their instruments through years of practice and perseverance.
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HearNebraska.org’s review of “Heavy Soul & Boogie Trance”:

The District in Sioux Falls – (1.30.2015) photo by: Wandering Skunk Photography
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Thank YOU very much my friends! This Life we lead sure is an interesting and fun adventure, isn’t it? There are so much conflicting and disturbing events being thrown at us daily. Through the news feeds and the tv screens we see and hear about tragedies at every turn. Throw that on top of our own struggles and tribulations and one could get really consumed with the darkness. BUT, Through your love and generosity I am reminded and completely inspired to tend the light.
I strongly believe we must have faith in each other and act with kindness. I’ve learned this through years of surviving off of the kindness of others. Because of you and you’re support I am able to continue doing what I love. Play music for a living! This note is especially dedicated to everyone who has contributed to our GoFundMe! Through your donations we have bought a new van and have continued our Heavy Soul Tour promoting our new record. THANK YOU for inspiring me and providing me with the means to carry on with this crazy dream of playing guitar and singing songs. I am truly grateful and I won’t squander this opportunity you have given me. With Love, Kris

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HEAVY SOUL & BOOGIE TRANCE!! Get your copy now!!

KLB Breaks down in Utah: Heavy Soul tour will roll on…

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KLB’s NEW VIDEO – Let Me Do My Thang

KLB’s ‘What You Got’ (Swagadocious)

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